The information below should help to provide you with an overview of the top staff training programs currently available in the United States.

The the most in-demand training programs among United States employers.

Having a skilled workforce is more important than ever before, as US businesses face the challenges that come with a rapidly evolving labor market. If you are considering investing in training and development, the information below should help to provide you with an overview of the top staff training programs currently available in the United States.

Sales Training

Given the crucial importance of sales in the business world, sales training and coaching programs are an effective way of improving a company's bottom line. A 2015 study carried out by CSO Insights revealed that businesses that invest in this type of corporate training are more likely to have sales representatives that meet their quotas, have lower turnover rates, and are more skilled at meeting and exceeding their clients' needs.

There are literally hundreds of sales training providers in every US state. However, if your company is looking for an established and recognized corporate training provider, it is worth inquiring about the programs available from Richardson, Carew International, Sales Excellence International, Value Selling Associates, The Sales Readiness Group, Sandler Training, Kurlan & Associates, and Mercuri International. In addition to face-to-face training, US companies can choose to have their sales workforce trained online. Recommended online training providers include Dale Carnegie Training, The Rain Group, and The Brevet Group.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is one of the most in-demand training programs among United States employers. According to a research study published in 2012, US businesses spend an average of $14 billion a year in this type of corporate training. In fact, some large corporations have developed their own in-house leadership training courses. For example, Siemens has a wide catalogue of leadership development programs that are tailored to the specific needs of different corporate departments, including marketing, information technology, sales, engineering, operations, and procurement. Unilever also has a Future Leaders program that trains employees to become effective managers in sectors like finance, supply chain, human resource, and research and development.

US-based employers also have access to a wide range of leadership training providers. has put together a list of the top service providers in the nation, after evaluating their performance in areas like geographical reach, experience, client testimonials, degree of specialization, and industry recognition. Recommended leadership training providers include The Center for Creative Leadership, Impact International, the American Management Association International, Global Knowledge, Development Dimensions International, Zenger Folkman, Linkage, and Interaction Associates.

Customer Service Training

First-class customer service has a direct impact on a company's profits and public image. However, as competition across all industry sectors increases, US businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to acquire new customers and to strengthen their relationships with existing clients. Customer service training can help in this respect and has additional benefits, such as improved staff morale and dedication and improved brand perception. Recommended sales training providers include the following:

Safety and Health Training

Safety and health are a crucial consideration for all businesses. The Department of Labor offers US businesses grants to cover the costs of delivering safety and health training courses in the workplace. The training is known as the Outreach Training Program and its objective is to help employers train a knowledgeable workforce that can comply with all safety and health regulations. In addition to General Industry and Public Sector programs, specialized training is available to businesses involved in construction, the maritime industry, disaster site, and other high-hazard industries. Ten and 30-hour programs are available.

Apprenticeships Training

Apprenticeships USA is a recently redesigned program that aims to train the country's workforce in various specialized and in-demand skills. Apprenticeship programs cover over 1,000 occupations and are already being of assistance of over 150,000 employers across the nation. Many employers who invest in workforce training through this program can claim tax credits while improving their overall productivity and improving their employee retention levels.